Zero Survival Rate of Cats Disease Called FIP

Zero Survival Rate of Cats

Many people love cats because of many reason. Some of them love the cats because of its hair. The orders love it because of the cuteness. Unfortunately, even though many people love this kind of animal to be their pet, there is something that they need to deal with. It is the FIP. FIP stands for Feline Infectious Peritonitis. This is the kind of disease that can only attack cats. If you think that FIP is just a common and normal disease for a cat, then you are totally wrong. That is because this kind of disease is very dangerous because the survival rate of this kind of disease in cat is zero.

For your information, one of the reasons why the survival rate of this FIP diseases is because there is no details about this disease. The only thing that has been known about FIP is the fact that the disease is cost by the mutation off Corona virus inside the body of a cat. Basically, corona virus is not that dangerous. However if the corona virus has mutated it can surely result in FIP. If a cat has earned the FIP, this one absolute thing that the cat will die within few weeks.

For those who worry about their cat, there are actually two kinds of symptoms of FIP that you can see in your cat. The first one is the increasing size of their belly. When their belly size is increasing but they become skinnier, that is one real sign of FIP that you need to be aware.

The next one is the injured body parts. If you have taken a good care of your cat then you who like will notice that there are no injured body parts at all. However, if your cat has FIP then it is one sure thing that you will find some injuries in some parts of your cats body.