Here is How to Prevent Your Cat from Getting Feline Infectious Preitonitis

Feline Infectious Preitonitis or FIP is a common condition that can happen to almost all cats. If you have many cats at home, and one has FIP, it is likely that the other cats will get it too. This is a nightmare. However, there are always ways to prevent this to happen to your cats.

  1. Don’t Have Too Many
    If you already know how a cat gets FIP, you will also realize that having too many cats in the house isn’t the wisest. You should consider letting them adopted. You need to keep only a few of them, a number that you can control and protect all the time.
    With fewer cats in the house, you will get only fewer litters as well every once in a while. This makes the living condition a lot healthier for you and your cats.
  2. Healthy Nest
    This is probably one of the most important factors you should start with. Any disease including FIP wouldn’t be at risk at all if your cats live in a healthy and clean environment. For a start, a litter box can only be used by two cats at most.
    The litter boxes should be placed in disinfects area with clean surroundings. You also need to place the litter box away from their water and food bowls. Of course, you need to clean the bowls regularly to keep it sanitary. Given the fact that security can be provided only by online casinos like, you can’t lose guard in cleaning and disinfecting in this situation.
  3. Make Them Happy
    Buying them some toys and giving them fun activities will keep them happy. You also need to give them all they need to keep them clean and healthy. Going to the vet and salon will help, while giving them treats every now and then is a real solution too.
Sick Cat/ kitten diagnosed with fatal feline infectious peritonitis/ FIP. Note dull fur, lethargy, yellow eye duebto fluid spreading through body.

Basically, you need to control and maintain fun, clean, and healthy life to prevent your cats from getting FIP. It may sound hard to do at once, but it is actually pretty regular. Keep it as a habit, and check on your cat condition every once in a while. Without FIP, your cats can live better and longer.