Understanding What Infectious Feline Peritonitis Is

Understanding What Infectious Feline Peritonitis Is

Feline Infectious Peritonitis is one kind of disease that you can find in a cat. Unfortunately, the disease in the cat is considered as one of those rarest kind of disease. That is one main reason why there are not many people or cat lovers who have known this kind of disease. If you are one of those cat lovers who have never heard about this kind of disease, then you will need to know some of this things related with FIP.

The first one is the survival right. When you are talking about the survival rate of the cat with FIP, the answer is zero. This is something that you cannot deny because based on the few cases of FIP in the world, none of those cats has ever survived. The second one is the time that cat has left.

Based on all of those FIP cases in the world, most of those cats have less than two months to live. As a addition to that, those cats that have more than 4 weeks left had the extensive treatments. That means if you do not take your cat to the doctor, then your cat will not be able to live for more than 4 weeks.

The next thing that you need to know about IP at this kind of disease can be airborne. Yes, this is one thing that many of those people missed. If you own more than one cat in your house, then you will need to be careful if one of those cats has the FIP. That is because the other cats might also have the FIP too. Therefore, it is better for you to isolate cat with positive FIP. This one is done to make sure that the other cats in your house did not get contaminated with the same disease.

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