Two Things You Need to be Aware from FIP in Your Cat

FIP in Your Cat

FIP, which is also known as Feline Infectious Peritonitis is considered as one of the most dangerous that a cat can simply acquire. That is because this kind of disease is one of those few disease with no cure at all. If you are asking why there is no cure for FIP yet, then it might be caused by the fact that FIP is quite rare, about one case in a thousand cats. Despite of those things mentioned earlier, there are two main things that you need to be aware of related with FIP. Here are all of them.

The first one is the fact that this kind of cat disease has zero survival rate. This one is the most important thing that you need to highlight. That is because if you have a cat with FIP, you can be sure that the cat will die soon enough. It does not matter what kind of treatment that you choose for your cat, if the cat has FIP, it will die within the next two months or less. At least, two months are the maximum time that some of those cats have after receiving quite a lot of medical treatments for the FIP.

The next one is the fact that FIP is airborne. This is one thing that not all of those people have known. If you have more than one cat in your house and you are a bit late to realize the FIP in one of your cat, you need to isolate all of your cats as soon as possible. You need to take them to the doctor and ask if any of those cats were infected. There is a chance, even though the chance is small. Make sure you are careful with that or you might lose all of your cats at once.